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Stevia in India


Nature is believed to hold secrets to a healthy life.

Few of nature’s secrets can be as dramatic as the realization that the leaves of Stevia – a herb from the Chyrsanthemum family – are intensely sweet.
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Agri Leadership Award - 2014 for Stevia Farming presented to Sh. Rajpal Singh Gandhi by Prof. P.J. Kurien , Dy. Chairman , Rajya Sabha ,

Dr. M.S.Swaminathan , Father of India's Green Revolution

State Award 2014 presented to Sh. Rajpal Singh Gandhi for promotion of Stevia Farming by Hon'ble CM S.Prakash Singh Badal

2nd State Award 2015 presented to Sh.Rajpal Singh Gandhi for Stevia Farming by Hon'ble CM S. Prakash Singh Badal

Stevia ­ not just a natural sweetener for diabetics

US FDA approved Stevia Sweetner.

(Reuters) India battles with Diabetes (BBC news)

Stevia loaded with Anti Oxidants (Naturals News)
Use of Artificial Sweeteners linked to weight-gain. (Reuters)