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Why Prefer CheeniKum™?
CheeniKum™, our flagship product, is an all-natural, ZERO Calorie, ZERO Carbohydrate Stevia sweetener.
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Stevia is a herb native of Paraguay (SA) and contains intensely sweet natural compounds.
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Zero Calorie Sweetener Cheeni Kum
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About Green Valley Stevia in India

Nature is believed to hold secrets to a healthy life.

Few of nature’s secrets can be as dramatic as the realization that the leaves of Stevia – a herb from the Chyrsanthemum family – are intensely sweet.

GREEN VALLEY STEVIA brings to you international quality herbal sweetener products made from the leaves of the remarkable herb Stevia in India.

These herbal sweeteners contain no calories or carbohydrates and are ideal for diabetics and the health conscious.

What’s more, they are completely natural and offer numerous health benefits.

GREENVALLEYSTEVIA is committed to offering its customers 100% natural, herbal products which can significantly enhance your overall health and well-being.

With the belief that science should not interfere with nature but only supplement its wisdom, our mission entails “Revealing nature’s secrets… for your health”.

In this spirit, we are launching a range of natural sweetener products derived from Stevia – a herb from the Sun Flower family. Leaves of this remarkable herb, a native of South America, contain natural sweetness without calories or carbohydrates, and offer many additional health benefits.

What’s more, these sweeteners are completely safe for diabetics.

Enjoy a life of health, vibrancy and well-being by switching from sugar or other artificial sweeteners to our natural, calorie-free herbal sweeteners.

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