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Stevia natural sweetener powder

Stevia - A Safer Natural Sweetener

World Health Organization (WHO), the most prominent world health body, passed a resolution this year approving Stevia as completely safe for human consumption.

US FDA approved Stevia based sweetener as a safe food additive.

Most importantly, Stevia has been consumed in raw form for over 1500 years in South American countries by the native people to sweeten their tear and drinks.

In processed sweetener form, Stevia has been in use for over 20 years in countries such as Japan, Korea and China. Through all these years of use, not a single side-effect of Stevia has been reported.

Further, a large number of anecdotal and scientific studies have been conducted by labs around the world to prove that Stevia is safe. Most of the the research is available on the internet. Please refer to the 'Links' section of this website to read more.

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