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Why Prefer CheeniKum™?
CheeniKum™, our flagship product, is an all-natural, ZERO Calorie, ZERO Carbohydrate Stevia sweetener.
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Stevia Safe for Diabetics
Zero Calorie Sweetener Chart
Nature is believed to hold secrets to a life of health and well-being. Stevia based natural sweetener. CheeniKum is atestimony to this fact. We invite you to try CheeniKum 7 days and feel the differene. Stevia Zero Calorie Sweetener
Typical Daily Suger Intake Calorie Intake from Sugar Calorie Intake from Stevia
2 Cups of Tea/Coffee 60-120 0
Other Beverages (Milk, Juice, Soda) 120-150 0
Food & Snacks (Icecream/Biscuits/Dessert) 200-300 0
Total 380-570 0
*1 teaspoon (tsp) of sugar contains 20 Calories.
Once your taste-buds adapt to CheeniKum, they will never want to taste sugar again.
Nutrition Facts
Ingredients: Stevia Leaf Extract, Maltodestrin.
Amount per Serving = 1gm Packet (equalvalent to 2tsp of sugar)
Pure Stevia Extract = 250 mg
Calories (compare with 40 calories from 2-tsp of sugar) = 0 calories from Stevia sweetener, less than 1 calorie from Maltodextrin
Carbohydrates = < 1 (0 from sweetener)
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