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Stevia is a herb native of Paraguay (SA) and contains intensely sweet natural compounds.
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Zero Calorie Sweetener

Stevia or Stevia rebaudiana, that CheeniKum™ natural zero calorie sweetener originates from is a plant belonging to the chrysanthemum family and is native to Paraguay, South America. Stevia leaves have been used by the Native American people to sweeten foods and beverages for over 1500 years. Though Stevia has been commonly used to sweeten foods, it often contains a bitter aftertaste. The difference with CheeniKum™ is the key component of the stevia plant, which is rebaudioside. By taking the best-tasting part of the Stevia plant, CheeniKum™ offers a brand-new way to experience sweetness, naturally. Also, currently the term 'Stevia' is loosely used to define not only the plant but also a number of sweetening products derived from Stevia.

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Zero Calorie Sweetener Benefits